Having children may make you dizzy ?

Having children may make you dizzy, could not sleep that night and some concerns about money, health and schools. But according to the research, raising children, can actually lower blood pressure. The conclusion comes from a study of 198 adults with blood pressure monitor for 24 hours when they live their everyday. The researchers also take into account other factors that can affect blood pressure, such as health, age, weight, exercise, work and food-beverage.

The study is published in the journal Annals of Behavioral Medicine, with research results, the average systolic blood pressure of 4.5 points lower for parents (with children) than those not having children. Whereas diastolic blood pressure, 3 points lower. The effect was stronger in the women, where women who have children have an average of 12 points systolic and diastolic 7 points lower than women without children.

Dr. Julianne Holt-Lunstad, who led the study at Brigham Young University in Provo - Utah says that caring for children, where according to some people so much trouble, give meaning and purpose of life, and has proven health associated with better results. Although the number of volunteers involved in this study is relatively small, the researchers said the size difference between parents and couples who do not have children, can not be explained as a coincidence.

This does not mean that more and more children, the better (normal) person's blood pressure. The results of this study is only attached to the word "parent", no matter the number of children or employment status. All the volunteers were married and in good health condition, and 70% have had children.

Blood pressure measurements performed at random intervals throughout the day. Volunteers monitored even when they're sleeping. Last year, a study conducted by Dr. Holt-Lunstad found that people who have the happiness in her marriage, on average lower blood pressure than those who still flunky. But those who are in an unhappy marriage, had the worst blood pressure of all groups in the study.
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