Learning to control emotions

emotions"Anyone can be angry. Anger is easy. But, angry at the right people, with the appropriate levels, at which time appropriate, for the right purpose, and in a good way, is not easy. "- Aristotle, The Nicomachean Ethics.

Able to control emotions, people often underestimate the on this issue. In fact, intelligence is not enough deliver someone achieve success. Instead, good emotional control becomes an important factor determining success of one's life.

Emotional intelligence is a mental picture of intelligent person in analyzing, planning and solve problems, ranging from mild to complex. With this intelligence, one can understand, knew, and chose their qualities as human beings. People who have the emotional intelligence to understand the other well and make decisions wisely. More than that, this intelligence is closely related to how one can apply what he learned of happiness, love and interact with others.

He also knows his life purpose, and will be responsible in everything that happens in life, as evidence high emotional intelligence he had.

Emotional intelligence is more focused on achieving success life that * does not appear *. Success can be achieved when a person can make a deal with emotions, feelings and interactions with others. Proven, achievement material success does not guarantee satisfaction anyone.

In 1990, Emotional Intelligence (also known as called "EQ"), introduced through the world market. Expressed that a person's ability to handle and use emotions appropriately in any form of interaction is more needed than intelligence (IQ) person.

Now, let's see, how emotions can alter limitations become unusual ....

A rich millionaire in the United States, Donald Trump, is a neat example of this. In the year 1980 until 1990, Trump is known as a real estate entrepreneur quite successful, with an estimated personal wealth for one billion U.S. dollars.

Two books were written at the height of successful careers, namely "The Art of the Deal and Surviving at the Top ". But the way the Trump route is not always smooth ...

You remember the depression that swept the world in the late 1990? At that time the property stock prices, too dropped drastically. Until overnight, Trump's life became very opposite.

Trump is highly dependent on the business of this property must bear the debt of 900 million U.S. Dollar! Even The World Bank is predicting bankruptcy. Some friend who suffered a similar fate to think that this is the end of their lives, to really end his life by suicide.

Here the emotional intelligence Trump really tested. How not, as he expected sympathy from his ex-wife, he instead asked to provide all the remaining property as a their divorce settlement. Those who considered as a close friend had left her so only. The reason is very supportive for Trump to break discouraged and give up on life. But it was not done. Trump considers that it is an opportunity to work and changing circumstances. Although he has been financially lost everything, but there are "intangible assets" that remain owned. Yes, Trump has the experience and understanding strong business, which is far more valuable than all the treasure ever!

What happens next?

Fantastic, six months later, Trump has succeeded in making the biggest deal in the history of business. Three years Next, Trump could get a profit of U.S. $ 3 Billion. He also managed to rewrite the recent book entitled "The Art of the Comeback".

In this book tells how the bankruptcy of Trump who happened to make it wiser, stronger
and focus than ever before. Indeed, he thinks, if Just unfortunate that does not happen, then he would never know true friend and will not make it more richer than before. Extraordinary is not it?

Emotional Intelligence provides a determination to rise from failure, also bring strength to someone to stand up to fear.

Not any more than intelligence or IQ, intelligence emotions present in every person and can be developed.

Here are some tips on how to sharpen intelligence emotion:

1. Always live with courage.
Exercise and dare to try new things will give diverse experiences and opening minds with a variety ofother possibilities in life.

2. Always responsible in all respects.
This will be a way to get the trust others and to control us for no easy surrender. "being accountable is being dependable"

3. Come out of your comfort zone.
Trying to get out of your comfort zone will make us able exploring many things.

4. Recognizing the fear and try to deal with it.
Doing this will build confidence and can be guaranteed that everything must be solution.

5. Be humble.
Willing to admit mistakes in life can actually improving our self-esteem.

So, Master your emotional intelligence! Because control of emotions is one of important factor that can control you to the successful and also enjoy a colorful life. Hopefully Helpful.
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