Kidney failure causes

The main cause of chronic renal failure requiring hemodialysis services / wash the blood is due to diabetes and high blood. If diabetes and high blood pressure well controlled through the regular treatment of kidney disease will be prevented as early as possible or can be slowed.

Chronic kidney disease may increase the risk of heart disease and blood vessel (cardiovascular) is a frequent cause of death in the most suffering kidney failure.
Actually, kidney failure can be prevented if early detection is in the blood and water seni.Dan their majority in developing countries who are at early stages, these diseases generally do not know if you have suffered kidney failure.

For that lack of early detection of kidney Cambota become very important and allows the appropriate treatment before kidney damage or occur as complications manifest perparahan others. In general people are not aware of their kidneys because of the mild level, renal disorders are often not perceived. Disturbance may progress to kidney ultimately does not work anymore.

Check the doctor, because through the lab with a little blood and urine samples can be known whether kidney function is still normal or already disturbed, so that treatment can be done as early as possible.
Early symptoms of kidney disorder known as the occurrence of pain during urination, bleeding, out of stone, flank pain, pale and easily tired and exhausted.

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