How to Get Child Overcome Illness

How to Quickly Overcome hope this child disease can help parents Starting from bee stings, sunburn, until the accident. Because we know how important health care for our beloved family happiness.

1. Nasal congestion
Way: Dissolve one-quarter teaspoon of salt in a half glass of warm water and add this solution into the nasal spray bottle. Put two times in the nostrils and ask children to blow his nose on a tissue. When children are still too small and not able to exhale, use special suction to remove the clog snot.

Why effective: snot dilute salt water, launched a blockage in the nose, and restore the natural moisture of the inner membrane.

When to see a doctor: If you think a child suffering from a sinus infection or ear infection. Symptoms include fever, coughing constantly, earache, or a runny nose is yellow or green.

2. Giving medicine to babies & toddlers
Here's how: Sit the child on a chair or when there is someone else who can help, ask for lap children. Previously, give the child a favorite beverage. After that, quickly selingi by giving the drug into his mouth and immediately give back the drinks.

Why is effective: The tongue is stiff with cold to make children less sensitive to bitter taste of medicine.

When to see a doctor: If the child is very sick and did not take his medicine or when up to two times or more she vomited drugs given.

3. Pain during teething
Here's how: Fold a small towel into a triangle, dip one end into the ice water. Let the child biting the hand cold and dry parts.

Why effective: a coarse cloth made of irritating gums become better and soothing cold sore part and help reduce swelling and inflammation.

When to see a doctor: If you think kids really feel sick or if the above does not help ease his pain.

4. Mosquito bites itch because
The way: Apply a liquid deodorant in a swollen and bite marks. Wait until five minutes then apply again if the bites are still itchy.

Why effective: Deodorant containing aluminum salt causes fluid in the bite absorbed into the body. When the swelling decreases, the itching will disappear.

When to see a doctor: If the bite is showing signs of infection such as red or red spots or when a child spreading flu like symptoms of fever, headache, muscle aches, or swollen glands.

5. Cleaning the wound
Here's how: First, wash the affected area wounds with soap and water, then use a clean sprayer that has been filled with warm water to clean the wound directly on the target. Drain then apply antibiotic cream and wrapped in bandages.

Why effective: By soaking the wound area, then at least you've cleaned the parts dirty. This can speed healing and reduce the possibility of infection.

When to see a doctor: If you are not able to remove foreign objects from the wound, if the wound still bleeding or increase in, or when seeing no sign of infection such as reddish or pus.

6. Diaper rash
Here's how: Place your baby in the toilet, then use warm water and wash his bottom. Drain using a hair dryer (hair dryer turned on at its lowest position / low).

Why effective: Wash with water and dried with air, refreshing the affected skin wounds. In addition, also accelerate healing by reducing the open wounds exposed to the wound.

When to see a doctor: If the child suffered a rash does not improve after two or three days or when the color turns red.

7. Conceded flakes
Here's how: Take bits (like wood) from the skin with tape, then pull. If large fragments, use tweezers to pick it up.

Why effective: Tali will stick to the tape. Tape is the easiest and fastest way to remove splinters.

When to see a doctor: If you can not lift these pieces, if pieces of the affected area shows signs of infection or when really ill.

8. Sunburn
Here's how: Soak the children in the bathtub of cold water for 10 to 15 minutes, then slowly drain his body and gently apply fragrance free lotion on the affected area sunburn.

Why effective: Soaking the skin with cold water to reduce swelling and pain, while the lotion helps to restore the affected area stings. Avoid ointments or sprays of the drug because it can make the skin sore children.

When to see a doctor: If the child has a fever or a fever, skin blisters, or if the sting of attack most of his body.

9. Bee sting
Here's how: Immediately remove the scratches with the tip of a credit card or a very dull knife. Wash the affected area with soapy water and put ice on it for a few minutes.

Why effective: Remove scratches with a credit card or with a very dull knife can protect / toxins enter the body, while the compression of the rocks helps reduce swelling and pain.

When to see a doctor: If the child has an allergic reaction, difficulty breathing, the area around the mouth or neck swelling, or if the rash appears in areas affected by the sting.
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