Tips For Raising Male Genital

As a man who has Mr. small p may be feeling insecure. But do not be sad and insecure, here are tips for raising male genital / Mr. P is small.

1. Exercise regularly to move mr p kekanan and left up and down every morning. It aims to stimulate the enlargement of muscles around mr P.
2. Massage the points around P MR vulnerable among muscles and muscles under the mr P.
3. Try each before bed spread with honey. Honey can enlarge mr P.
4. Mr P Rendamlah every night with lukewarm water not hot water is less experienced growing up.
5. Try massaging your partner for Mr P routine before you have sex.
6. Do not wear underwear because it would interfere with Mr. developments. P
7. In order for Mr. P you stay healthy treat with herbal treatment that is often used by your wife.
8. Linta suitable oil is also used Untk enlarge your P Mr..
9. Be careful in the use of chemicals is not recommended in this therapy.
10. Hang an object weighing 100 g at Mr. P to train the muscles used for carrying heavy loads.

Ok let`s try and Goodluck
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