Physical symptoms of depression

Feeling angry, upset, negative emotions, or cry without cause recurrent, can be emotional signs of depression. But, you know, that depression can also affect physical health? In fact, most manifestations of one's depression resulted in his physical condition.

Some physical symptoms of depression are;

* Dizziness. These symptoms mostly found in people with depression. If you do have a migraine, usually will often recurrent depression if they arise.

* Pain in the back. Would feel very tense and prolonged pain when feeling depressed were attacked.

* The pain in muscles and joints. Depression can exacerbate chronic pain.

* Pain in the chest. Must be checked by experts, because of pain in the chest could be referring to heart disease. However, pain in the chest can also be associated with depression.

* Digestive problems. Nausea and dizziness, can also be followed by diarrhea, or constipation due to chronic depression. This is because all the energy and nutrients are absorbed completely into the brain, not well spread throughout the body.

* Debilitating fatigue and extreme fatigue. No matter how much you sleep, still feel tired and exhausted. Wake up from sleep will feel very difficult, even impossible.

* Sleep problems. Most people with depression find it difficult to sleep. They'll wake up very early, or have trouble sleeping at night. Others, sleeping more than usual.

* Change of appetite or body weight. Some people who experience depression loss of appetite and weight loss. Some others, they have the sense to eat one type of food that is very, very, like carbohydrates, and gain weight.

* The mind suddenly blank.

Depression is closely linked to chemical imbalances in the brain person. Some of these chemicals have a very important role on how you feel pain. Some experts claim that each person can manifest depression in different physical condition and one other person.

Physical symptoms
Although quite disturbing symptoms, many people who experience this do not realize that he was depressed. Or, that these physical symptoms caused by depression. Even many doctors who do not realize this.

In some cases, overcome depression with therapy or drugs or both will end the problems in the physical condition was. However, be sure to explain the problem to a doctor or health professional that you deal with. Do not assume that this phenomena can be lost. For some problems, is likely to need additional treatment. For example, your doctor will prescribe certain to end your insomnia, or antidepressant drugs, or therapy for digestion.
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