Recognize early cancer

cancerPreventing certainly better than cure. Prevention of disease will also keep us from medical expenses extraordinary expense. None of the existing disease on this earth who could not afford to be prevented. Instead Recognize early cancer, because many diseases that until now have not found a cure.

One of the diseases that until now very difficult to treat the cancer. Because it is difficult to treat cancer of course became one of the most deadly diseases.

Like other diseases, even cancer can be prevented with early detection. The earlier cancer treatments known to do so going to get better results. Here I write all the steps of early detection of some cancers enough cause death.

Cervical Cancer (Cervical Cancer)
Pap smear tests done regularly, especially for women who are sexually active. Pap smears should begin after 3 years of sexual activity and the re every three years.

A Pap smear is not necessary for those who have over 65 years old who previously had done a routine check and for those who had her womb removed.

Ovary cancer
Routine examination for early detection of ovarian cancer is by ultrasound. Measurement ca125 levels and pelvic examination is not recommended because the results obtained are not very satisfactory and not practical.

Breast cancer
Early detection of breast cancer is to perform self breast exams (breast self-examination). This examination can be done routinely every day with a feeling whether there is a lump in the breast.

Another inspection is to do a mammogram every 1 to 2 years for women aged over 40 years, especially those who have relatives who have had breast cancer.

Colon Cancer
Routine examination for early detection of colon cancer should be done for those who have aged over 50 years. The tests include blood tests disguised in dirt (Occult blood test) and colonoscopy every ten years.

Early detection should be done early to say they have a high risk that there is a family history of colon cancer.
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