How to quit smoking

For those of you who want to stop smoking but could not also to stop trying to quit smoking 3 tips that I will give below, may help how to quit smoking.

-Plan to stop

Consultation with the therapist helps the success of this program. The therapist helps smokers to remember when they usually smoked at most (when driving, chatting or calling) and a strategy to fight the urge to smoke in these situations

-Attempts to stop

On the appointed date to start this program, remove all the things that will remind the habit of smoking, like the rest of cigarettes, ashtray and lighter. Choose a nicotine replacement is most effective, could be a patch, inhaler, or gum, or medication prescribed by a doctor.

-Staying clean

Exercising, eating healthy foods, drink plenty of water, reduce the activities that make "ex-smokers' desire to smoke, to prevent" slipping "back into old habits. Continued therapy is also very important. If the desire to smoke came back, call someone, so our attention will be diverted because it only lasted for 10 minutes.

Following the positive results that you would get if you successfully quit smoking:

* After 12 hours: carbon monoxide levels in blood return to normal
* 1 - 9 months: circulation improves, lung function to normal, and coughing decreases
* 1 year: the risk of heart disease decreases 50% compared to when I was smoking
* 10 years: risk of dying from lung cancer less than one half still smoking
* 15 years: the risk of coronary heart disease end with people who do not smoke

But the core of the method I gave above, if not driven by a desire to quit from ourselves will not be done. Therefore, the intention in our hearts that we did want to stop smoking. Good luck and good luck.
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