Beautiful with aloe vera

Aloe vera is famous for making the hair so the hair becomes soft, beautiful. Perhaps these benefits we have heard since childhood, we are often advised to use aloe vera for beautiful hair. That's why a lot of shampoos that use Aloe vera extract in the product. These benefits are obtained from glyco protein content. If you have this plant at home, you can use it in a way to peel the skin and then rub the meat into the scalp and hair so the hair becomes fertile and beautiful.

Lignin is the content contained in Aloe vera leaves is useful to keep the skin moist so that the skin does not become dry and awake elasticity, is also useful to prevent skin allergies in the wearer. Plus the content of anthraquinone and the amino acids will be very useful for the skin because it helps the skin to renew itself immediately to produce new cells and can remove dead skin cells. Meat from the leaves of Aloe vera also has a similar acidity to that of humans and well able to penetrate into the body also contain saponins that can serve as an anti-bacterial and anti fungal. Use regularly can make your skin look healthy and beautiful glow. You can also use aloe vera as a face mask, because it also contains antioxidants that prevent premature aging.

The effect of cold aloe vera jelly can be a first aid when you are suffering from burns or scalded. Can also be used for the tender skin from excessive sun. Simply attach the meat Aloe vera on the injured area. The cold is produced from the aloe vera will help the healing process.
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