Prevent delinquency children with breast milk

Breast milkBreastfeeding (breast milk) not only educate and improve the child's immune system. Breastfeeding may also prevent Child Delinquency. Some studies show children who are not breastfed are more aggressive than breast-fed children. "When children cry and mothers to breastfeed to give, then the basic trust. From the basic trust that children learn to trust other people," said Prof. Dr. Suradi Rulina SpA (K), IBCLC from Indonesia Perinatologi Association.

In addition, he said, the basic trust to help children grow as individuals who believe themselves so as not aggressive when interacting with their peers. Conversely, children who are not breastfed have no basic trust and confidence.

"Children who do not have the confidence to be aggressive. Every chance he will try to take it in every way. It's also because he does not believe in anyone else," he said.

Furthermore, Rulina said, a study conducted on street kids in America shows, most of them do not get milk. Street children is growing into a naughty child and aggressive.

He said breastfeeding is best to be exclusive, ie from birth until the age of six months. After it is recommended to give the corresponding food for up to two years. "Only the best food, breast milk is still given," he said.

then what if a mother can not produce milk? According Rulina, it is not a problem. We have many ways to stimulate breast milk can with drugs or other ways.

In addition, theoretically there is no mother who can not remove milk. Of 1000 mothers, perhaps only one that really troubled. ASI can not exit due to a lack of confidence in the mother. "If you could get pregnant and give birth must be able to breastfeed, it's a package. The more milk out, the more is produced," according to Rulina.

Although breastfeeding is important, he said, needed another way to prevent delinquency in children. Parental upbringing and the environment should also support. "It takes a synergy, with the development of the child so the more optimal.
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