Danger energy drinks

The main content of the drink which is also called "smart drinks" This is the caffeine. If taken in normal doses for healthy people, no problem. However, for those who are at risk of heart disease, these types of drinks should not be consumed. want to know the danger Energy Drinks?

Contains Caffeine

Yes, now many in the market various types of beverage brands in the West people called energy drinks. There also are called "smart drinks" that makes the drink feel more intelligent (read: fresh).

Why make a fresh? Since the beverage contains coffee (caffeine), in addition to Taurine, sugar, and vitamin supplements. Create a healthy person, other than a refreshing cup of coffee, would not endanger the health, provided no excessive portion.

The average energy drinks contain caffeine and Taurine 100 mg. Size of coffee dose is still within limits not harmful. Like alcohol, coffee is not dangerous goods if drunk enough. In addition to refreshing, there are also coffee side benefits. He is a group with tea and cola.

To watch when the coffee consumed by those who have heart disease and blood vessel (cardiovascular), or the risk of disease entering the group, ie whose parents, siblings with the disease, or diabetes, obesity, smoking, and stress.

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Although not suffering from heart and / or high blood pressure, a new disease risk than it had better stay away from coffee, let alone alcohol and the like. Why?

Because the coffee, as well as alcohol, will elevate blood pressure, in addition to potentially disrupt the heartbeat. When you are suffering from the disease, bad coffee obvious consequences, so they should avoid it.

Early in April this a doctor from the Henry Ford Hospital Detroit, USA, Dr. James S. Kalus, warned against energy drinks containing coffee, although only 100 mg alone. Moreover, if more than that, should not be consumed. In 500 milliliters of energy drinks contained an average of 100 mg of caffeine, the highest dose that the effect is not turned so bad.

My advice, stop the habit. Fresh taste can be obtained by other, more healthful, such as walking hurriedly routine every day 40-45 minutes. Caffeine was given a fresh sensation for menderaskan stimulate blood flow to the heartbeat, and elevated blood pressure are made.

To achieve that condition can actually physically operate. People who are not accustomed to physical activity to feel more refreshed chemically stimulated by caffeine in coffee. Besides refreshing coffee, once again, save the caffeine it contains the danger. Heart attack after drinking energy drinks could have a talent for tercetus if it already exists in the body for a long time. Regard.
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