Food Passion Enhancer

CHOCOLATE Passion EnhancerSince antiquity, people in all countries have a lot of use of Food Passion Enhancer. Examples of Roman emperors and kings in China, Montezuma and Indian tribe leaders. They are said to use a special potion as a way to add stamina sexuality. In this modern era, the food they will be down from generation to generation still believed to have special efficacy for matters of the bed. You want to know what foods can increase the rateable sexual arousal? . Let's look.

Since ancient times cocoa has been recognized by the Indians as a stamina enhancer as well as "greng" for you men to make love affairs.
Yg good food is a sensual nuance contains theobromine, a substance with caffeine equivalent reply. Phenylethylamine is also rich, the chemical that is believed to foster a feeling of love & relax. Consuming chocolate when gunda ridden heart can help alleviate it. Pure chocolate contains anti-yg oxidan useful for the immune system. Eat chocolate before sex, it is said would make the situation even more fiery romance. Coba deh!!

Shellfish known as venus house when he was born, said to be the foods that are rich in iron. This substance can only raise the non-sperm & production of testosterone, but once joined with dopamine, the hormone also exists in reply oysters, sexual arousal will rise.

3. Garlic
This herb is known the other one has a million efficacy, although tended to scented sting. Contains allicin can reply circulation to the entire body, including the sexual organs. This herb can also increase libido. We have a lot of garlic extract product-me-packaged in capsule form in the market, so you do not have to look into the kitchen before having sex.

This tropical fruit known to contain the enzyme bromelain, yg are believed to increase and improve the male libido. Bananas are a source of potassium and Vit D like riboflavin, yg can increase the body's energy.

For the sheikh sheikh arabic, honey is a non-obligatory drinks can also be left. Jelly-like shape with a sweet taste, easily digestible cause honey.
Honey is believed to add strength, especially kalu plus egg yolk & pepper.

6. Avocado
The Aztecs in Mexico, called an avocado with "testicle tree". Reply this delicious fruit can increase sexual arousal. Folic-acid content of its launch of protein metabolism & boost the body's energy. Merger essential element 2 avocado, Vit B6 adjuvant nutritional boost male hormone production and potassium help preserve the thyroid gland, is believed to increase libido in men & women.

7. EGG
Eggs were not immediately increase sexual arousal, but the egg is the main source of Vit B6 & B5 adjuvant improve hormone balance. Eggs are also able to reduce levels of stress & makes a person feel relaxed.

Regularly consume liver, is believed to increase libido is starting to fall. How to consume is as usual, by rempah2 mixed pepper & garlic.

9. CABE & pepper
Two of these foods when consumed will increase body heat, just like when someone is doing romance. However, behind it, chilies & pepper blood flow going to feel more fit body.
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