Caring breast ways

Caring breast waysAbnormalities in the breast must have been a nightmare for women. Confidence lost, and not rarely affect the relationship with your spouse. In this article I went about writing benefits of breast exercise, breast pathology What and how to care for healthy breasts and beautiful?

Breast care was also needed to be healthy and beautifully manicured. Abnormalities in the breast arising in various forms. There is also a due to congenital factors, also due to hormonal abnormalities. According to dr. Sonar Soni Panigoro, SpB.K-Onk of Tumor Surgery Clinic Swadana RSCM, Jakarta, an outline of abnormalities in a woman's breast is divided into 5 major groups, namely:

1. Breast Infections
The infection is divided in two, infection during breastfeeding and frequent infections that generally occur. "It could result from bacteria or viruses that go out into the body. Usually, your breasts will appear swollen and the pain complaints, "said Sonar. Breast infections are more common in women who are breastfeeding. The reason is, breast milk (ASI) is the most fertile medium for the growth of germs. If there are obstacles in the process of milk expenditures, then the bacteria easier entry.

"Women who are breastfeeding often complained of fever. In addition, the breasts will be sore and red. If the infection is severe, can be popped like a boil, "added Sonar. However, it is quite possible infection also experienced women who are not breastfeeding. "This is due to the entry of bacteria in the lining of breast glands."

2. Congenital abnormalities
Human breast really like the animals. Humans have 6 pairs of breasts. Positions that will become the embryo starts from the base of the breast armpit to the groin. At 10 weeks of pregnancy, it will be lost, except on the left and right chest. In some people, these phases could be hampered. "This can cause the breasts to grow more than a pair. Therefore, some women have more than a pair of breasts. In fact, this additional breast nipple sometimes comes too, "he continued.
The amount of additional breast gland is too varied. "More often happens, the glandular breast lumps on one side of the armpit. But, there is also a breast gland is not formed at all, or the development of both breasts is not normal, "added Sonar.

Women with this disorder are usually not comfortable with her condition. Not infrequently, these inherited disorders make her lose confidence. The doctor usually will take steps aesthetic surgery. According to Sonar, the emergence of additional breast gland also should really pay attention. "You see, the lump is growing as these additional breast might develop into tumors."

3. Hormone status
Hormonal disorders quite often complain about women. There is pain and stiffness in the breast. Complaints often occur before or when the menstrual period. "The pain varies, there is usually pain, but there is also a great pain," said Sonar.
Breast prepared the body to produce milk at the end of pregnancy. When menstruation, breast condition is influenced by female hormones. "This is what makes the breasts feel more solid and tight. Often accompanied by the appearance of lumps, in addition to discharge from both nipples. "Sonar considers this a hormonal disorder is a natural reaction. "Except when they appear severe pain, you should immediately visit the doctor."

4. Neoplasm, tumor
Divided into benign tumors and malignant tumors. "For 30 years, patients in Indonesia more doctors came after tumor diidapnya entered an advanced stage," said Sonar. That of course resulted in medical treatment provided was not optimal.

5. Other disorders
One is the trauma to the breast. "Trauma can occur because of the heavy impact on the breast," said Sonar.

Rub olive oil
Reduced breast firmness is a scourge for women. Therefore, the breasts need to be treated, we should treat other body parts.
* Wear a bra to keep the breast forms stay beautiful. Choose the right bra size & fit in order to support the breast well.
* Clean regularly around the nipple area with cotton soaked in olive oil hangat.Oleskan water in the breast to retain moisture. In order to maximize results, do a light massage with gentle movements.
* Perform moderate exercise with a focus to strengthen the chest muscles.

Beware of Breast Cancer
The initial symptoms are a scourge of disease is marked the emergence of women lump the size of marbles. This lump was palpated with the hands when the size is still small. In addition, one of the nipple discharge and a trace of red in a bra. If these symptoms appear, you should immediately contact a doctor for further tests. Breast cancer is one of the most deadly disease in Indonesia. "This is due to several factors. Could be they enggak know or feel ashamed treatment. Most patients prefer alternative medicine. They went to doctors after the disease reaches an advanced stage, "said Sonar.

One of the efforts to find abnormalities in the breast is to do a breast self-examination (Breast Self-Check). Parenting can be done 7-10 days after the last day of menstruation. To assist this process, apply a little olive oil or bubble bath soap on the surface of the breast. This will memperlicin breast surface. In addition to more sensitive hands fingered the possibility of a lump in the breast.

The steps to do breast self-examination:
* In a position lying on his back, put your right hand under his head. Place a small pillow under the back right.
* Raba entire right breast using the 3 middle fingers are pressed together.
* Make a circular motion and gentle but steady pressure. Perform this movement slowly from the edge in a clockwise direction.
* Repeat the same movement on the left breast. Feel and look carefully, if a suspicious lump appears.
* Press gently on the area around the nipple. Note, if the nipple discharge is not normal.
* In a standing position and the arms straight down, carefully both breasts in front of the mirror. Note, if there is a lump or change in breast shape.
* Raise both arms straight up. Repeat the steps above.

No origin of
The amount of breast size is relative, not the same on each woman.However, there is an assumption, large breasts are more beautiful. As a result, many women who feel dissatisfied with their breast size and try to do breast reconstruction, breast surgery either with or use drugs that are believed to raise breast size."Breast surgery should not be arbitrary, as happened in beauty salons, for example," said Sonar. Breast enlargement operation should be performed aesthetic surgeon. The reason, illegally breast enlargement can be fatal.

In some cases, fatal result occurs because the injection of liquid silicone in breast glands. "Silicon spread and react with other body organs. This is very dangerous, "said Sonar. "The truth is that the silicone in a bag which is planted in the breast gland. This is safe as long as done right. " Lately, too many outstanding care products to increase breast size. Some women have tried to form cream products to raise breast. "But even this has not proven effective. Breast development can only be influenced by hormonal factors, "said Sonar. The use of drugs containing the hormone is not recommended. The reason is, it can cause certain side effects, such as weight gain and the emergence of other disorders.
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