More efficient treatment tips

There are things that we must understand that our results are more efficient than medical treatment tips. Therefore, the pain is so not at all human beings ingikan what else for people who have a low economic. Therefore I will provide some tips so that we can maximize our efforts have done.

1. Not all medicines work
Usually the drug's effect after a few drinks. If this does not happen, you are entitled to ask the doctor who examined.

2. Not all the recipes we have to take
In writing prescriptions, doctors beracuan on two things. First, provide symptom relief medication. Second, give the complete basic cause of illness. If we put up with complaints that accompany colds flu, please reject the first type of drug. What more is needed is a basic drug.

3. Suspicious if the drug was given too much
We should ask if the doctor prescribes a very long, because there are doctors who give a lot of drugs because of doubts about the diagnosis. Recipes excess can cause iatrogenic. This means added ill patients because diagnosis is not appropriate.

4. Pharmacies are not entitled to have the prescription filled
Sometimes pharmacies drug trade that is not in accordance with a prescription without confirmation. Perhaps a limited supply of medicine. This violates the code of ethics. If you want to switch medications, you should ask your doctor first.

5. Not all drugs should be spent
Ask your doctor, whether or not we are taking the drug until they run out. Then, whether the drug could be used again if one day yagn same illness. Symptom-relief medication types usually do not have to spend.

6. Check prices via the Internet
Some pharmacies already have your own site. On the site you can compare prices or shopping online.
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