10 Ways to avoid brain cancer

CANCER is a disease of the brain is very deadly dangerous. Besides lethal, treatment cost was very large. To avoid the disease, following a number of steps to prevent this disease:

* If you experience symptoms such as headaches often intermittent, or chronic, vomiting for no reason, a decrease of vision that can not be corrected with glasses, limb weakness gradually, walking unsteadily, like symptoms of vertigo or staggered, then immediately do the self-examination and MRI examination is recommended.
* Do not let stress constant attack, sempatkan time to rest, and do refreshing that can reduce and eliminate your stress.
* Limit direct radiation on the body too much, it's better to use handsfree when using cell phones in a long time.
* Apply a healthy diet with balanced nutrition, for example, to multiply the consumption of fruits, vegetables, and grains. Plus limit ourselves to consume fat.
* Reduce consumption of smoked foods, baked and preserved with nitrites, or chemicals other artificial.
* It's time you stop the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes.
* Perform regular health checks. Especially if you have a family history of brain cancer.
* Do not take certain medications prior to referral doctors have prescribed. Drug misuse can stimulate cancer cell growth.
* Perform regular exercise and adequate portions.
* From now get used to apply a healthy lifestyle. Do not drift lifestyle "wash away".
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