Drug Allergies Treatment

Are Like eating fruit simalakama, drug allergies are very troublesome. If not taken, the disease is not cured and more rampant, if taken would lead to allergies, below I will give some tips on how to Drug Allergies Treatment.

Research on drug allergies is often done. Some studies reveal an unwanted reaction in the use of drugs occurred about two percent of the number of patients taking the drug. Allergic drug reactions are usually mild.

But there were also to life-threatening. Allergy drugs have many differences in each person. For example in patients udem larynx (swollen), anfilaktik shock, and Stecvvens-Johnson syndrome. Udem larynx or suffering shortness of breath, if you have drug allergies will feel like someone choking.

In shock patients anfilaktik decrease blood pressure and in people with Stevens-Johnson syndrome will feel the skin and mucous membrane changes shape. Death due to allergies, not only in developing countries, also in developed countries which supermaju health facilities. Even in European countries still occur because of allergy drug deaths.

Therefore, the European monitoring network established drug allergy recording all events and provide information on drug allergies are common.

"Allergy medication usually occurs because the body is very sensitive that a person to overreact to the drugs used. The body tried to reject the drug, but the rejection reaction is very much to the detriment of his own body. Reactions that can include itching, shortness of breath, decreased blood pressure, skin reactions accompanied by abnormalities in the gastrointestinal mucous membrane, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, respiratory and genitals, "says skin specialist Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM), Dr. Ahmad Abdillah.

Abdillah said, the drug increased the risk of allergies in people who have an allergy or talent in medical terms is called atopy. To avoid the occurrence of drug allergies, need cooperation between patient and doctor. The patient must bring his experience to use for this drug, whether a particular drug makes the body causing allergy or suspected allergy.

"It would be nice if every person has a written record of the use of drugs and what happens to her body. It would be convenient if a drug treatment when needed," he said.

Drugs suspected allergens should be avoided and if necessary, choose a safer drug. Although can also occur, although not often, a previously not allergic to a drug could later also be allergic to the medicine.

"Avoid taking the drug if it is not necessary. Vitamin allegedly safe, though it may cause allergies, not because of the active substance vitamins, but because the additives in the manufacture of drugs such as dyes in it," the doctor called minus the glasses.

Patients who experience an unwanted reaction because the use of drugs, should be immediately to the doctor to get help. To stop the allergy medicine, there is only one way is to stop using the drug, and overcome the situation arising from allergies. Currently drugs circulating in the community millions.

Each year hundreds of new drugs introduced to the public. Before the drug was allowed in circulation, must go through rigorous testing and Drug Administration Food (BPOM). Of drugs given permission supply useful and safe. However, there are no useful drugs and a hundred percent safe.

Further Abdillah added Dr. Achmad, an allergic reaction to the drug appeared unexpectedly. Someone who was not anything particular medication, at one time could have been itching all over her body after taking the drug.

"Allergy emergence period could be fast, can be very slow, it all depends on the body's reaction," he said.

Similarly, severity of allergic reactions. One may immediately shocked into unconsciousness shortly after taking medicine that made her allergic. While others just itching, a few moments and then disappeared itch. For the layman, allergic reactions are considered poisoned.

This is different. Allergic reaction is excessive body's reaction to certain ingredients (in this case the drug), while poisoning (intoxication) is a reaction that occurs because of excessive use of drugs to exceed limits based on pharmacological toksis.

In the modern era like now, it's easy medical record. Can use any device, word processors, spreadsheets, databases or other devices such as PIM (Personal Information Manager, with a few modifications) or special devices such as Medibank. If the doctor does not give a history of allergy medication record, patient entitled to ask for it.

While some parties argue that the case of allergic equated with malpractice, especially if it resulted in severe effects such as Steven Johnson Syndrome or death due to fatal eg. Apart from the constraints related to drug allergies, the doctors are properly equipped (private practice or working in the medical care institutions) with medical record device.

At least use the pieces of the status of the patient to a drug allergy can be avoided. One patient allergic to any medications, Goddess Andika Pratama, was deeply shocked when he suffered because of drug allergy. Whereas previously admitted Goddess no problems with any drug consumed.

"I'm allergic to the medicine, recently only. Usually my skin itch immediately and the swelling when taking pain medication. It makes me come to the doctor and consult," said Dewi met in RSCM some time ago.
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