Overcome premature ejaculation

Facts prove some men can not satisfy her partner during lovemaking. Men like this usually have completed the game aka ejaculate too quickly while the partner has not achieved anything. How do I overcome this premature ejaculation?
Until now there has been no drug that proved effective in treating premature ejaculation. But there are some tricks or techniques efficient enough in delaying ejaculation. The following four things you can do for you that trouble delaying ejaculation. With the following four techniques you can extend your sex game and can satisfy your partner.

1. Movement Pattern Variation
As penetration of the vagina your spouse do the monotonous motion, do the variations in movement between the stab and puncture shallow. Periodically, you should stop the movement at all when the penis is still in the vagina while you can still do other sexual activities such as lips or fondle her breasts. Movement of these varied but can delay ejaculation, can also make your partner be aroused usually because he will think, and guessing what will you do next to him.

2. Muscles tighten your Pubokoksigeus
This technique requires Pubokoksigeus strong muscles. These muscles, located at the bottom of the penis near the anus, can be trained with Kegel method. If you feel will be close to ejaculate stop penetration movement. Pull your penis about an inch but not all. Tighten the muscles in question and hold for 10 seconds, return the movement behavior with shallow puncture.

3. Pressure on the perineum
This technique is simple and has been practiced for thousands of years in China. Before going to ejaculate, use your fingers palm tga to put pressure on the perineum, the area of your semen will flow between skortum and anus. Perform this exercise as masturbation or masturbation for to find the right place rather difficult.

4. Varying stimulation
If you are very aroused but not on the verge of ejaculation, stop motion and having sex with a partner manually or orally. By varying the stimuli you can adjust when it is appropriate to ejaculate.
By using four tricks on you will be able to overcome and control your premature ejaculation so he could have sex longer and more satisfying with your partner.
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