Embraced For Health Benefits

Maybe you rarely hear that there are benefits to embrace the health, well for that please read the article on the benefits embraced below:

Women who are not happy in her marriage, has a tendency higher for heart attack. Lack of support for their negative impact on health, "added Goldberg again.

From the results of the study Dr. Karren we also came to know friends with people who have the same sex can reduce stress levels mind. "People, pets can increase the amount of hormone
oxytocin and is certainly a positive thing, "he added.

How often do you hug a husband, boyfriend, brother or your best friend? Often, rarely or even never. Hmmm, it was embraced important lho. A study showed stress can be reduced only
with each other.

Based on research results issued by the journal Psychosomatic Medicine, a warm hug can release oxytocin, a hormone that associated with feelings of love and peace. Hormone will stress hormones suppress the originally lodged in the body.

To conduct this research, Dr Karen Grewen, researcher University of North Carolina collected 38 pairs in one place. The 38 couples were asked to talk about happy things that they had experienced. They were also asked to watch a movie romantic for five minutes then hugged for 20 seconds.

Before all the above activities conducted, assisted by Dr Karen his colleagues to do the measurement of blood pressure, levels stress and the amount of the hormone oxytocin. The result, everyone's stress levels less studied. Stress hormone, cortisol and norepinephrine, decreased in number due to be replaced by the hormone oxytocin. And the end result can contribute to health your heart.

The study also shows women are more responsive to embrace partner. According to Dr Karen, this is because oxytocin is more has close ties with the estrogen hormone produced by women.

In real life the hormone oxytocin can be created in a healthy marriage. This means that the marriage is not marriage which often tinged bickering even violence.

"Not everyone has a happy marriage. But the quality of of the marriage relationship can be a health benchmark someone, "explained Grewen, A cardiologist who came from the American Heart Association, Dr. Nieca Goldberg added Grewen explanation above.

"The core of this research is to show that support is emotional and psychological health can affect the heart and mind, "he explained.

So do not always embrace must be obtained from the couple. Create your still single, a hug with a friend or pet cat, too can reduce stress. Welcome embraced.
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