Passionate sex couples decreased

Anxiety and fatigue newborn care often makes passionate sex couples decreased (couples), especially in women. If trauma is managed well, your sex life can go well again as before. Decrease in sexual desire caused by psychological or physical trauma. In terms of physical, women experience a very drastic change in the body. Contain and normal or Caesarean delivery can cause trauma to the woman.

Take, for example, physical trauma can occur during childbirth. Pain of cutting the inside of the vagina (episiotomy) to launch the birth canal to avoid the occurrence of severe injuries. Of course, these actions require time for healing.

Meanwhile, psychic trauma (psychological) occurred in wanitausaimelahirkanyangbelum ready and understand the whole business of raising children. From start caring for children, caring for the breasts that have been prepared out of milk, how to correct feeding to diapering business. As a result, women feel tired, tired, and lead the way down and reluctant to have sex.

Mothers who had just given birth often feel anxious about body condition is no longer attractive. Wife feared could not produce enough milk for their babies and feel anxious with other health conditions. Sometimes experienced anxiety there is no cause and that is the obstacle to the emergence of a desire to make love.

Hormonal imbalances are also often been blamed for declining sexual desire. This hormone imbalance can cause emotional changes that are not well balanced. The young mother is more easily irritated, lazy, want to be angry. Nevertheless, Consultant Adolescent Sex and Marriage of Curhat Clinic, Semarang dr Iwan Setiawan asserted, hormonal imbalance affects only indirectly. After periods of childbirth, hormonal back to work as normal.

Each woman's readiness varies. But medically, there was no bleeding after another, she certainly was ready to have sex after childbirth which usually lasts for 30-40 days. Still considered reasonable if the reluctance to have sex with a partner, took place between one to three months after delivery.
"If you crossed the line means that there is something wrong and need proper treatment. Instead, immediately communicate with the husband, "said Iwan.

Naturally, after going through childbirth condition of the mother's reproductive organs return to normal. Therefore, the position of sex as anything could be done. If there are complaints of pain, more due process of body functions have not lasted as perfect as damping function of the vagina that has not been returned as before. However, these complaints could also caused muscle cramps, infections, or wounds that are still in the healing process.
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