Your baby has problems sleeping disorders ?

What can be done, if your baby has problems sleeping disorder? The first is to check with your baby to the doctor to make sure no medical abnormalities that make your baby can not sleep. Once we've removed that no medical abnormalities in your baby, then the most important thing you must do is create a time a good sleep routine that started in a small baby. And it requires patience and perseverance you.

Below are some tips for creating a good sleep for your baby;

- Try to lull your baby at roughly the same every night, this will create a custom of a good sleep routine for your baby, start from a small baby.

- Do not wake your baby for the hugs and admired.

- Distinguish between sleep and not sleep, so the baby will learn that not sleeping is eating, playing, and the company; and to sleep means sleep. So make sure that he does not sleep while eating. And make the rules of regular meals for babies.

- Try sleeping baby in the room warm enough and calm, do not get your baby to sleep every night, in the guest room, with television and the company; rocked or always sleeping your lap, because when he awoke in the middle of the night and did not find that he sleep routine know, it would be hard to sleep again.

- After a lull your baby, open the door slightly so that the baby can hear sounds at home and not feel alone and isolated.

- If your baby cries, go to him quickly, but remember do not directly held unless there is something wrong or it was time to eat. Because if you let your baby cry, he became frightened that you are not in his side and became more depressed, but if you immediately embraced him and he will learn that crying is a hug.

- Give me something to use at bedtime and become something to be associated with sleep, give items that can be substituted for otherwise, if he lost it, he could not sleep. For example blankets, shirts or thin etc.

- So create a bedtime routine and put your baby in bed while she was awake, with a favorite toy if any, so he will associate sleep with the bed, the room, with toys they will be, and learn to sleep alone. So when he woke up in the middle of the night, all that he associated with sleep there, and he will go back to sleep.
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