Leg cramps in pregnant women

Often heard the Cramp leg in pregnant women is a complaint that nearly expressed by pregnant women visit antenatal care (ANC). This cramping attacks often occur at night. For women who have experienced would know it's really gimana cramps (Cramp) and after the attack, the pain that arises can settle up in the morning until now.

Pregnant women more often experience cramps, allegedly because of leg muscle fatigue that harsu area weight of the body weight increased. This is exacerbated by the flow of blood from the legs that are not smooth due to be contained by the enlargement of the uterus. (Often also resulted in the leg veins dilated). There are opinions that say this is due to cramps, lack of calcium and potassium and phosphorus excess, for it is not no harm in consuming calcium and potassium as well as avoiding phosphorus (soft drinks, light snacks).

Here is a business that can be done to reduce the occurrence of kramp:
- Avoid standing or sitting with crossed legs in long-term.
- Stretch (stretching) calves and feet during the day and before bed.
- Putar2 ankle and dangle your toes while sitting.
- Try to do OR the street every day, at least 10 minutes.
- Lying to the left side to facilitate blood flow back.
- Rest when tired and lift / elevate the feet if possible.
- Use a special stockings pregnant.
- Bath of warm water to relax the leg muscles before bedtime.
- Drink plenty of water.
- Eat pregnant supplements containing magnesium

Hope can help pregnant women who experience cramps in his legs.
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