Benefits of breast exercise

Benefits of breast exercise is to keep the chest muscles (pectoral) as a buffer, to remain tight, also to prevent falling or sagging breasts prematurely. Aerobic benefits, such as walking, jogging or riding a bike can help you get a good posture, and improve the appearance of breasts. Another gymnastics rowing, swimming, aerobic exercise using the tools and some hand weights yoga movements.

This moderate exercise does not guarantee changes in breast shape or size. But by doing these exercises the chest muscles will be strengthened, and the breasts will look more solid and beautiful.

First, arrange a meeting in front of the palm side of your breasts. Standing up straight and do push each other's movements. Hold for 5 seconds. Just relax, and repeat the movement 10 kali.Kedua, holding each other's forearm (elbow). Right forearm grip with your left hand, and the left forearm with your right hand, with shoulder length elbow position. Pull-pull in two directions (in and out), do not let loose. Repeat this movement 10 times.

Third, arrange a meeting the second fingers of your hand under the chin, and bend them with interlocking position, then pull. Hold for 5 seconds. Repeat this movement 10 times. If you have a gym, you need to know the correct way to massage the breast. The way breast rub, starting with the right breast, with the upward movement, using both hands.

With a sweep of the palm, of the breasts to rise by rubbing from all directions toward the center (nipple), breast meat collected at the center, with a pinch. If you do a stance on at least 6 weeks, breasts look fast, healthy and fragrant was now a property and your pride.

Train Chest Muscles, Tighten Breasts
MANY ways you can do to make your breasts look more beautiful. One of them, the use of various creams which aims to tighten the breast. Also, make skin healthier.

Unfortunately, there are other factors that are often forgotten. Namely, buffer breast muscle. "The muscles that function is to support the breasts," said Dr. Ina Isworo. To make your breasts look more taut, the muscles should be trained. "So, not only the skin of the treated breast. The muscles also need special attention," added the doctor Adi Husada Hospital, Undaan Wetan, Surabaya, it was.

He explained that the breast is an organ composed of fat and glands. Thus, the use of various creams menstimulus only these parts. In fact, to make breasts firmer, just the muscles that support should be made more powerful.

Simple training principles. Simply train your chest muscles. Mengontraksikan pectoral muscle is one of the main exercises. The trick is to bring your right hand and left in front of the breast. Then, the two are hard pressed. "With this movement, the chest muscle contracts," he explained in a seminar on Adi Husada Hospital, Undaan Wetan, some time ago. After that, direlaksasikan muscle.

Exercise can be done three sets. Each of the ten count. One count consists of a one-time contract plus a one-time relaxation. Relaxation of muscles needed to rest so that no continuous contract.

To obtain maximum results, exercise once a day. If the routine performed, the chest muscles will support your breasts firmer. Thus, the breasts will look up. Instead, exercise in combination with other movements. "It's necessary because the pectoral muscle are also associated with the muscles of the other body," said the short-haired woman.

As much as possible muscle-related chest should be trained. Among other things, muscular arms, shoulders, and abdomen. In addition to exercise, which is not less important is supporting the breast with the bra size. "This will help slow the memperkencang breast and breast reduction process," he explained.

Began treatment of the breast to the left breast.

1. Your breasts also need nutrition. Consumption of a balanced diet
with a sufficient amount of calories. So that the ideal body weight can
You get. Ideal weight your body must look
as a whole including the breast will be formed by natural. With
any way you look will look attractive.

2. Your breast skin contains very little collagen. Especially in
part of the areola (the skin around the nipple) and nipple. Therefore rebellion
swipe breast with rough objects such as scrubs or towel.
Especially when a week before the monthly cycle. To overcome the skin
dry just use a moisturizer without fragrance.

3. Exercise also can become your efforts to restore firmness
breast. Movement exercise done regularly will train
pectoral muscle. Do it regularly to get the results

4. Use your bra is also consistent with the size and shape of your breasts.
Most important is the bra should be comfortable to wear. Use a special bra
when you exercise. Sweat so easily absorbed and breast
tersangga well.

5. Surgical aesthetics can be your last option if the breast is
experiencing serious problems for you. Surgery is usually
done to correct asymmetrical breasts, change shape
and size of breasts or just tightening the breast. But
if your breast forms fine should avoid surgery
aesthetics. Everyone is created nothing is perfect. Maybe if
Your breasts look good less you can cover it with an excess
that there is another on your body.
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