High heels can cause arthritis

Oh, apparently using a high-heeled shoes can cause arthritis. This in Tell the by some studies, a study has found that using high heels as the young have made him likely to face these conditions at age continued.

High heel shoes, sandals, and flip-flops in the biggest cause of joint problems in old age, while for sports shoes having the smallest possibility of causing any condition. The study, conducted on behalf of the American College of Rheumatology, examined the relationship between joint problems with footwear.

Among the women, the researchers accurately shows the correlation between the 'bad choice of shoes' - like high heels - with arthritis. But for men, who tend to wear comfortable shoes, there is no such connection. Less than 2% of men wear shoes 'unhealthy'.

The researchers estimate that the condition of the feet and toes are the top 20 reasons why patients aged 65 to 74 years of visiting the doctor. And footwear that does not fit might be one cause, the researchers warned.

In total, more than 1400 men and 1900 women were asked about foot problems and footwear. Study authors noted: "In women, we found increased risk of pain in the back of the foot with shoes.

"While more research is needed, the young woman must make careful choices regarding the type of their shoes to avoid foot pain behind in old age, or doing stretching to reduce the effects of high heels on a sore foot."
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