Causes Of Dry Skin

Hot and dry weather is one of the causes of dry skin, even to make the skin hurt. However, not only are the dry air causes dry skin and cracked. There are other things more. What?

Bath with hot water
* Our skin produces oil layer on top for protection. When one bath too long or exposed to hot water for too long, this protective oil is slowly but surely be eroded. No wonder after a long bath, your skin feels tight and dry. You can do is to not choose bath. So that no dry skin, try to shower quickly and avoid using hot water, cold water should not, but the water should be lukewarm. After the bath tap-tap enough towels in the body, do not rub-rub. Immediately apply moisturizer.

One soap
* One of the causes of dry skin is soap. Soap can quickly and easily stripped off layers of oil on your skin. Without realizing it, we often rub the body vigorously with soap and harsh, when in fact our bodies are not too dirty or sweaty.

* One of the dilemmas of the soap is small since we are required to wash hands frequently to avoid germs. Meanwhile, washing hands can make the skin become more dry, and for certain cases, wounds and bleeding and cause infection. Rough feeling on the skin after a bath is really dry skin upholstery has eroded oil.

* For that, it is advisable to choose fragrance-free soap (fragrance-free). But avoid also labeled "unscented" because it still contains a bit of perfume. For those who have very dry skin, the safest option is to choose a gentle cleanser. If there is no buildup of dead skin thickening, such as calluses, you should limit your skin clean using a bath sponge or brush that can injure the skin.

Itchy clothing
* Some types of clothing can make the skin itch, for example a shaggy sweater or wool. When you first try it was itching, then maybe the future will continue to make the skin itch. Because it should never wear again. Dry skin will become irritated when in contact with material like this. Leaving your skin exposed to the material uncomfortable clothes will only make your skin more dry and itchy. Avoid fabrics that can be itchy or too tight, because the seams can rub against your skin;
* In addition to these things, drugs can make skin dry. Some of them; medication for high blood pressure, such as diuretics, or allergy medications, like antihistamines, and drugs to the skin, such as the acne drug, for example retinoids.

Medical condition
* Generally, dry skin caused by external factors. But sometimes, dry skin can be a sign things are not healthy on the inside of the body, whether physical or natural conditions of a disease. For example, dry skin often occurs when a person gets older, particularly women, is caused by changes in hormone levels. As many as 75 percent of people aged over 64 years have dry skin. While some people again, regardless of age, have a tendency to be genetically dry skin.
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