How to whiten teeth

This paper will discuss about how to whiten teeth. because whiten teeth today become one of the most common procedures in cosmetic teeth. Understandably, who's going to have yellowish teeth, though this has happened not because of your negligence? However, if you can prevent your teeth are not stained by food and drink, for why bother to follow this procedure? You can even make their own teeth whitening at home. Find out how below.

5 things that staining of teeth:

1. Coffee, tea, dark sodas. Types of drinks that can cause stains on clothes, it can also stain teeth. Sport drinks and fruit juices are other causes. That does not mean you then can not drink it (for coffee, tea, or fruit juice would provide health benefits), only noticed when sipping the drink. Not until there is contact between the liquid beverage with teeth. It would be better if you drink through a straw. Then, make sure you brush your teeth after eating these foods and beverages.

2. Cigarettes. Cigarettes do not provide any benefit. Providing health risk, waste of money, also made a yellow enamel. Nicotine in cigarettes will leave a brown stain permanent.

3. Berries. Fruits such as blackberries, blueberries, and cranberries, can not be doubted health benefits. But this fruit will also leave a dark stain on your teeth. You should rinse with plenty of water, during and after eating this fruit. Also, brush your teeth afterwards to prevent the stain left behind. Other fruits will also make a damaged tooth enamel is a bit of fruit (sweet tubers).

4. Snack before bed. Home from work, watch TV in the room with a snack, like a heavenly taste. But if you then drowsy and fell asleep until morning, this is dangerous. You are not only the potential to gain weight, but also causes the teeth to be dark colors. This is because saliva production slows down when we sleep, so that the food consumed is not cleaned naturally. The result, stains on the teeth and the increased risk of cavities.

5. White top and gold jewelry. Both of these are not directly influence. Consider, however, when you're wearing a white top, or accessories of gold, your teeth will tend to appear darker. Replace your white top with a cream-colored top or ivory (so the color is darker than the color of teeth). For accessories, wear silver or other colors bright.

In order to keep teeth white
Of course you already know how to maintain hygiene and dental health. Cleaning between your teeth using dental floss, brush my teeth with toothpaste that match your dental health, and gargling with mouthwash. To protect teeth from plaque that causes tooth stained, you can also chew gum containing xylitol (sugar free). Using glossy lipstick in a color that will brighten your teeth look. Orange-colored lipstick tends to highlight the yellow teeth. Give highlight the cheekbones with bronzer to make gold teeth look whiter.

In terms of food, fruits such as apple crisp and the carrots will activate the flow of saliva in the mouth, and clean teeth naturally. Other healthy snacks such as celery, oranges, broccoli, and cheese, giving the same effect because they encourage saliva production, which will wash away plaque.

Strawberry also can help whiten teeth, because of this delicious fruit is a key ingredient for tooth whitening procedures that can be done alone at home. All you need is a piece of ripe strawberries, and 1 / 2 teaspoon baking soda. Squeeze the pulp strawberry so that, mixed with baking soda. Balurkan to all teeth with a toothbrush, and let stand for 5 minutes. Do it for 2 times a week (no more). Strawberry combined with soda will be pengilat natural teeth, thus preventing discoloration of teeth.
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