Signs of cancer in children

Signs of cancer in childrenYour child may have cancer if you feel one of the 7 following complaints like headaches and vomiting in the morning, there was enlargement of the gland, bone pain, a lump in the pit of the stomach, lump in the chest, bleeding, or pansitopenia.

It is mentioned Hematology Oncology Division of Health Sciences Department of Child FKUI / RSCM in Jakarta. "The children belong to those who are under 18 years old. We must observe the physical changes in children, because they are difficult to express what happened to him, "said Endang.

Cancer in children is only 2-4 percent of all cancers in humans. While child mortality rates caused by cancer by 10 percent two types of cancer that many kids are attacking the blood cancer (leukemia) and cancers of the eye's retina (retinoblastoma).

Children with cancer, 40 percent were infected with leukemia. 3-6 year olds are most at risk. Accompanying symptoms such as a child was pale, listless, weak, which causes fever is not clear, have abnormal bleeding, bone pain or joint pain and swelling in the stomach and the gland.

And this type of cancer usually attacks children aged 6 months - 2 years. Symptoms that can be detected as there are white patches in the black part of the eyes seemed to shine (like a cat's eye), the eyes seemed to stand and squint.

So the conclusion is:

1. yg growth cancer is improper and inappropriate and not needed by the body.

2. Cancer can indeed happen to anyone, including anak2, let alone actually wrote a lot of things trigger your body system instability begins in the womb (cigarettes, food mothers, many of carsinogenik imaginable cosmetika, life style etc.), when the baby (infant formula particular content dg including bisphenol A, even a bottle / container mixing milk and feeding place for baby, as well as cosmetics and environtment circumjacent the baby) to the children and adolescents dg dietary origin and potentially carcinogenic, including the environment.

3. Dg realized early that one's good, appropriate and beneficial to the body is a way out since before pregnancy, pregnancy, childbirth, rearing, and until I can develop themselves, and org is the responsibility of parents to protect children.
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