Ideal Body Weight

One of the natural and healthy way to maintain a healthy body weight, or to restore the ideal body weight is to sort out the food and a healthy intake of fat-free. Small changes in the selection of materials and your intake can help you scrape stubborn fat without having to have to go to the gym. But, of course, takes effort, persistence, and patience. Here are foods to choose from;

Release thirst
A study involving 240 women in California, found that replacing sugary drinks with water can help eliminate fat as much as 1.3 kg per year. In these studies also found that those who drank daily at least 4 glasses per day will lose an additional 900 grams, than those who drank less than 4 cups per day.

Foods rich in fiber
Sebuat small study in England found that women who eat foods rich in fiber, and rich in carbohydrates in the morning can burn fat more than twice as much during exercise (any exercise done in the same day) than those who eat a diet low in fiber.

The researchers in Australia who did a study of 36 women and men find that after eating spicy foods, the level of insulin (a hormone triggers fat storage) fell as much as 32 percent.

Theory as to say, that the substance in chili peppers hot, capsaicin, called the greatest possibility of encouraging the body's ability to clear insulin from the bloodstream after eating. Thus, the most likely, can burn fat after eating spicy food. However, note also the amount of food eaten. Because the spicy taste of the food makes someone forgot that the stomach is full. The result, they actually wanted to eat, eat, and eat on without realizing that her stomach is full. Although there is a fire, but the rest of other fats accumulate in the body.

Choose the cinnamon to add flavor to your coffee instead of sugar (which contains 16 calories per teaspoon) and you can reduce hundreds of calories per week. Besides making more slender body, then you can all help your heart. The researchers in Pakistan found that ½ teaspoon of cinnamon per day can lower cholesterol causes heart damage as much as 18 percent, also lowered triglycerides by 30 percent.

Only by consuming 3 ounces of canned salmon have been given 530 IU of vitamin D and 181 mg of calcium. In a study that lasted for 7 years and involving over 36,000 women aged between 50-79 years, found that those taking supplements of calcium and vitamin D before menopause, known to be gaining too much than those who did not consume both substances earlier. Moreover, without sufficient vitamin D, hormones regulating appetite, leptin, can not function properly.
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