Do not forget to brush tongue

tongue Ever get sick? must have .. all human beings on this earth must have been sick. And ever notice your tongue when sick?

In sickliness, the body showed signs of the body that indicate the body is experiencing a war between the antibodies that the body and disease into the body. One of them is your tongue will look white. A healthy tongue should be pink.

During our practice, every child is sick we usually take for review to the doctor. And the doctors always check his tongue. If you see white doctors give candistin sometimes, a kind of anti-fungal for the tongue.

According to wikipedia, or dots on the white part of the tongue can be a sign of some medical conditions:

* The side effects of antibiotics
* Candidiasis
* Debauch
* Dehydration
* Leukoplakia
* Keratosis faringis

Before you have your tongue because it causes white spots above, very well if you are brushing the tongue along with your toothbrush in the morning and at night before bed. Keep your tongue always looked healthy pink. Hopefully there is no disease.

Make a healthy activity every day to clean the mouth for all ages. For the baby, brush the gums and tongue with a soft gauze previously soaked in warm water. To teach children to brush teeth, gums and tongue as well. And for adults as well as, brush teeth, gums and tongue to healthy always.

The pattern of good clean mouth will bring physical and spiritual health is good, but your body healthy, you also can think, learn and work well.
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