Teeth and Mouth

Teeth and mouth can reveal a lot about the overall health of the body. Teeth and gums are in trouble is not always just a matter of teeth. Sometimes they indicate a more serious problem, and the dentist should try to find the cause. Joseph Kravitz, a dentist from Washington said that the dental examination, dentists should pay attention around the mouth and look for color changes, looking for a particular odor, and other clues around the gums.

The relationship between dental health, general health of the mouth with the whole body has received more attention in recent years. Beginning with the insistence of experts such as Richard Carmona, a general surgeon who urged policy makers in 2003 to enhance understanding of how the signs and symptoms of oral infections can indicate the general health status and acts as a marker for other diseases. Publication reminds many dentists that their work is not just about teeth and root canal fillings.
Body Health Information